Modulecell is combined with two words, "Module", and "Cell". The "Module" represents the human science system and the "Cell" represents the biology system. Our vision is to provide a solution that can combine those two systems to improve the relationship between human habitation and the earth's environment.

"High-Tech Inspection", "Digital Twins / IoT", and "Traditional or 3D Printing Building Technology" are the three main methods we will use to reach the vision. The natural form we are fascinated with is the "Stone" and "Earth". Stone has strength also beautiful texture. Earth is soft and can grow life. In Moduelcell, we dedicate ourselves to merging those two characters together as one.


Chun-Shen Chiang

Founder, LEED AP

模石科技的願景在於結合科技與生態,改善人類居住環境,達到與自然和諧共生的平衡狀態。應用"科技驗屋", "數位分身", 與"傳統或3D列印營建技術"三者結合來達成此目標。岩石與土壤是我們學習與模仿的對象, 岩石代表力量與美的結合, 土壤則能孕育生命,兩者完美的結合是模石科技致力達到的終極目標。